Do You Need Extra Space for Work or Play?

Hire us to build your workshop and big toy sheds in Platte City, MO

Are you running out of space for your hobbies and big toys? Lester Bldgs. & Homes - SherGain LLC can build a custom workshop or toy shed in Platte City, Missouri to match your lifestyle.

Our custom suburban buildings offer the perfect way to protect your valuable toys or create a comfortable workspace for your hobby. We build custom structures that are affordable and durable. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and you'll have money to spare.

Call us today to create the space you need for your big toys and hobbies.

5 uses for our suburban buildings

5 uses for our suburban buildings

How can you use one of our suburban buildings? Lester Bldgs. & Homes - SherGain LLC constructs custom buildings for a variety of purposes in Platte City, Missouri, including workshops and big toy sheds. Our custom buildings are perfect for:

  1. Storing woodworking tools
  2. Protecting recreational and all-terrain vehicles
  3. Keeping your classic car collection safe
  4. Storing your boat in the offseason
  5. Adding recreational space to your home

Relax. Enjoy your hobbies.

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