Need More Than a Barn?

Call us for agricultural building design in Platte City, MO

Sometimes a basic barn just doesn't get the job done. When you hire Lester Bldgs. & Homes - SherGain LLC for your agricultural building design project in Platte City, Missouri, we'll help you create a multi-purpose structure to meet your agricultural needs.

We install custom buildings, created specifically to serve as agricultural structures. Our custom agricultural buildings are strong, affordable and versatile. You'll get a long-term solution without breaking the bank.

Rely on us for machine shed design and more. Call us today so we can help protect your investments and livelihood.

5 ways to utilize our agricultural buildings

5 ways to utilize our agricultural buildings

Lester Bldgs. & Homes - SherGain LLC designs custom buildings to meet a variety of agricultural needs, including:

  1. Livestock milking and breeding
  2. Equipment storage and repair
  3. Crop and material storage
  4. Livestock confinement
  5. Agricultural warehousing

Whether you need a small shed or a large storage area, we've got you covered.

Contact us today to discuss your agricultural operations.